We are Wayne Parker & Lorelei Parker Power.

We‘re very fortunate to be surrounded by dozens of incredible SkyShed Team members around the world. Too numerous to name right now, but we will soon in this space.

Together we’ve been changing the face of astronomy, one observatory at a time, for over 10 years. With our SkyShed Roll Off and SkyShed POD 8‘ observatories. Or as we like to call them “Starships“.

Our mission is to populate the planet with thousands of serious Starships, that are accessible and a lot of fun to operate and explore in. By people of just about any age, anywhere.

If you‘re an astronomer, there‘s a good chance you know a school or a club, or a fellow astronomer who owns a SkyShed. There are thousands of them around the world. So far so good! 

Now, with our team, we have created the coolest mid-sized observatory ever - POD MAX

We are dedicated to Science/Space education and Public Outreach Astronomy, and facilitating those ambitions. POD MAX is an extension of that dedication.

HDPE, the material used to create POD MAX, is non-toxic, and widely used in Agriculture, and in publicly used structures like those at DysneyWorld. Earth friendly, in that it is inert and can be can be recycled several times in future decades.

With the first solar powered motor control system - built-in - in association with Kendrick Astro.

We‘re very excited to offer more than ever from SkyShed. POD MAX, Integrated Systems , solar power, even funding assistance with the Starships Project.

We‘re ready when you are. Just contact us when you need us. We and our Team look forward to the opportunity to serve.

Clear Skies!

Wayne & Lorelei

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