For two decades we have built, had a hand in building, and consulted, on thousands of SkyShed Roll Off and SkyShed POD 8‘ observatories. We are in a unique position to help you integrate your observatory "from the ground up".

As we have been developing POD MAX, we have been teaming up with most of the best names in the astro manufacturing business to provide complete, almost one-stop-shopping for integrated systems.

By integration we mean the bringing together of MAX, pier, mount, scopes, cameras, power distribution/system heating, software, and more. Expert assistance with top astronomers experienced in the set up of those products, with remote help.

We have a gallery of experts who can help. On standby.

Complete, multiple, system consultations. What is best for your needs. Not just what looks best in the magazines. We have the inside track on the industry. We know who's up, who's down, who's good, who's not so good. And who's really bad. We've only partnered with the best in products and service.

From the best names in the business, including Kendrick Astro, Altair Astro, Celestron, Planewave, SkyWatcher,  Astro Physics, Software Bisque,  Mallicam, Lunt, iOptron, Tele Vue, Moonlite, various top name software.


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Integrated Solutions

We teamed-up with the best names in astronomical equipment to create powerful astronomical POD MAX “Starships“.  

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